Review (user submission)

Hi there Mandy, Thanks sooo much for your blog! Its helped me avoid wasting money on some sites I actually though were legit Chanel sellers. I bought a Le Boy in black leather with large stitching and antique gold hardware from PCC and got to say I have been loving it! The leather is beautiful and has been durable so far with my pretty rough handling (I am a klutz slightly) Nobody’s told me its fake so far so that’s a good sign : p lol … But yah Ive attached the pics and you can share it with other shoppers out there if you want cause I remember you said you would post reviews if we email them.

ps. I talked to Xinya when I was shopping who was very nice!

Sarah M.

So here are the pics she sent for you guys to take a look at. Chanel really is such a timeless beautiful handbag company. It is the epitome of chic!!! I love Sarah’s handbag! I’m excited to order from myself!




Chanel Jumbo Review (Reader Submission)

Hello bloggies!

One of the reason as to why I have been holding off on posting certain reviews is that I want to truly get a feel of the product I am testing. We all obviously know that when you walk into Chanel, or Louis Vuitton and drop big bucks you get a sense of reassurance about the quality and durability of the handbag (or product in general) you are purchasing since there is a warranty given to you. However when one is making a replica purchase such warranties are never given, so you need to be extra careful and play out the test of time to find out whether the handbag is going to last or not. That is why I have held off on this particular review of a Chanel handbag purchased by my sister (who lives in New York) for over a year. I wanted to see how well the handbag lasted against the elements of nature, use, and time. Overall she has been very pleased with the durability, and I am going to place an order with Perfect C Club as well.

A picture from the front of her handbag. I am personally torn between silver and gold chains on Chanels. Which is your favorite?

After carefully analyzing my sister’s handbag and comparing it with authentic Chanels I legitimately believe we have stumbled upon the creme de la creme of Chanel replicas. The site was initially recommended by a blog reader to me, and I then passed on the word to my sister who made the purchase. At the time I already had purchased an authentic Chanel from the actual boutique (it’s a lovely Jumbo in black lambskin with gold hardware – a classic!) so I held off, but after a year I realized I would love a beige flap bag and am contemplating taking a plunge, however have not decided which handbag I should get yet (I need help from you guys!)

I personally looked at the handbag while she was visiting to get a good look at it, however since I am doing the review now I asked her to email me pictures so I could post up a review on the blog for you bloggies to take a look at. Their website seems to have only handmade bags available. The handmade bags are pricey but not too pricey considering how much Chanel replica’s go, and they are in the $500 price range. I am super excited to see what the quality of the handmade Chanels are. As all of you bloggies know I personally like to invest in my replicas and don’t mind spending a couple of hundred more to ensure the handbag is top quality, as opposed to something which looks like a knockoff.

chanel-jumbo-replica-review-chanel-replica-lambskin-2 chanel-jumbo-replica-review-chanel-replica-lambskin-8 chanel-jumbo-replica-review-chanel-replica-lambskin-3
Some pictures of the hardware!

When purchasing a replica Chanel there are so many little things you have to look for to make sure the bag does not look off! These include:

1. Leather feel/texture: A Chanel handbag has to first and foremost feel like a Chanel handbag. By this I mean that you should not compromise on the leather quality as this is what will make or break your handbag. Lambskin leather should feel extremely smooth to the touch, while caviar should have a bit of a more harsher feel to it. I have seen so many Chanel knockoffs that give themselves off right away because there is something suspicious about the leather.

2. Handbag Quilting: If the quilting looks off in any particular way, you have yourself a fake darling! Everything should align perfectly on the handbag – both front and back. These handbags are famous for a reason, and their chic simplicity is not all of the equation. If a replica handbag you are considering purchasing does not get the quilting right, please please do not purchase it! I personally believe replica producers should “respect” the brands they are attempting to replicate, and since the quilting is the core of the Chanel handbag I believe that if the company cannot get it right they should close shop.

The back of the handbag.

3. Always check your C’s: When looking at the inside of the second flap ensure that the C’s are ever so slightly heightened or raised within the bag. A lot of (and believe me when I say a lot of) replica handbag fail to get this small, but oh so important, detail right, and it truly is a dead giveaway ladies ‘n gents!

The logo on the inside of the second flap. Pay attention to your C’s!
Inside of the handbag

So … now to my decision! The handbags below are the colors I am considering ordering for myself (I am not set on the size I want to order yet)! Please let me know which you think I should pick and why by leaving a comment below!

CHOICE #1: Kim’s white bag is beautiful! I love the simplicity of white although I am not sure whether I would go for gold or silver hardware!
CHOICE #2: I just love the look of the black Chanel especially with the gold chains!


My name is Mandy, and welcome to my blog where I review all the rep bags I have ever purchased. I feel so excited when I get a rep bag in the mail but obviously I can’t go around telling everyone how great of a fake it is without getting judged. So I choose to share my happiness and disappointment online with other people who openly buy replica bags.